CNC Machining

Computer Numerical Control Machining allows us to offer efficient machining to manufacture the item you require. For more details and to better understand the processes visit the CNC Machining page.

3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing

3D printing allows us to build an item from nothing, layer by layer which is different to traditional manufacturing which involves removing materials to create an item. To see the different forms and processes of 3D printing available visit the 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing page.

Prototypes, Models

With our expertise and experience we are able to deliver the results you require by using a combination of processes at our disposal. To gain a better understanding of our capabilities visit the Prototypes, Models page.


At Kimbeny we produce tooling to suit a variety of industries including Fibreglass, Vacuum Forming and Foundries. Creation of this tooling involves the production and use of various materials all of which are available in more detail on the Tooling page.

Low Volume, Short Run Manufacturing

This is suitable for companies looking for product testing, wish to create income for future development or products that only require low numbers. For more information simply visit the Low Volume, Short Run Manufacturing page.

Vacuum Forming

The process of vacuum forming utilises a sheet of plastic which is then heated and placed over a shape, with the vacuum forcing the plastic to conform. Once cooled the plastic will retain that particular shape. To find more information about these processes simply visit the Vacuum Forming page.

Polyurethane / Urethane Casting

The Polyurethane technology at Kimbeny enables the production of injection moulded items. This can be suited to your specifications with more details on the process available at the Polyurethane Casting Page.

Traditional Patternmaking

Kimbeny specialize in the fine art of traditional patternmaking, having developed skills in various hand tools, older styles and modern machinery. By combining these traditional skills with the modern technology accessible to us we can achieve incredible results with more details available on the Traditional Patternmaking page.

Fabrication and Bending

We have the ability to fabricate, bend or profile machine an extensive range of materials using the machinery in our workshop. For more information about the process and materials available visit the Fabrication and Bending Page.